Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants is the world’s oldest and best-respected school for future criminals. It was founded in 1536 by Thomas Blaggard, who rose from being a pauper, eating stinging nettles and wrestling bears to survive, to being the most feared and successful felon in Tudor England.

Thomas was knighted by Henry VIII for Services Rendered. Many of these aren’t recorded (yet) but they included chopping off Anne Boleyn’s head when the official head chopper, who was being specially imported from France to do the deed, got caught up in a galleon workers’ strike and couldn’t get to the block on time.

After his entire family died from eating a contaminated leek, Sir Thomas decided to leave a different sort of legacy – a school, dedicated to imparting all the skills that had taken him to the pinnacle of his profession. Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants was the result.

Blaggard’s has always been situated on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Borage Bagpuize. It has a fake identity that changes from time to time, in order to fool the Dependable (honest) citizens of Borage Bagpuize, who might not like having a school for evil geniuses on their doorstep. Blaggard’s current alias, as proclaimed on the sign outside the Twisted Gates, is Constance Bottomley’s Academy for the Rural Arts.

Blaggard’s has its rivals of course, including Drumghoul’s, situated on a remote Scottish island, where no one can hear what they get up to, and the Academy for Blackmail, Arson, Swindling and Hacking (BASH) in Las Vegas. Their main rivals, however, are Crumley’s School for Career Criminals, situated uncomfortably close to Blaggard’s.

Crumley’s prides itself on turning out the most brutal criminals in the world, and they are desperate to knock Blaggard’s from their spot as the world’s top felonious school…