07 Apr2018April 7, 2018

I’ve got my very own blog tour. Eek!

  I’m the WORST at keeping this blog updated and I apologise for that. In my defence I’ve been humungously busy. More about that soon. Anyway, here are the dates for my blog tour. It coincides with the UK release of GANGSTER SCHOOL. #Gangsterschool.

07 Jan2018January 7, 2018

I’m a proper author!

I’m feeling very professional and writerly. Here’s a proper interview I did for the SCBWI British Isles magazine 🙂 http://www.wordsandpics.org/2018/01/justins-debut-dance-ball-kate-wiseman.html?m=1

15 Dec2017December 15, 2017

A School is Born

  Someone asked me recently how the idea for Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants came to me. I hope the question wasn’t a complaint, as in ‘why did you bother writing that?’ On the off chance that it was genuine interest, rather than regretful reproach that prompted the query, here’s how it came about. The...